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Have you been injured at work? Do you want to get back to work faster? Physiotherapy can help you do that.


Injury at work can range from an accident, falls, machine- related or repetitive use of hands and arms. These injuries can cause serious loss of physical ability to perform work and financial burden to you and your family. Physiotherapists are trained to assess and diagnose these injuries and create a treatment plan. We provide support to you during the recovery process.

It is very important to report work related injury to your employer and healthcare professionals in a timely manner. Physiotherapy is the quickest and safest way to recover from work-related injuries. Physiotherapy treatment can help you avoid long term use of medications and/or surgeries. It will help you not only recover from the current injury but also prevent injuries in the long term.


  • Back pain – Repetitive bending, lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying, prolonged sitting, falls etc can result in low back pain. Studies have shown moderate quality evidence in customised exercise programs with backcare education for back pain.
  • Tendinitis– Due to repetitive use of muscles of arms and hands, can result in tendinitis, which is inflammation of the tendons. Most commonly affected are tendons of thumb and elbow while repetitive typing or twisting.
  • Motor– vehicle accidents can result in fractures, whiplash associated disorders, concussions, strains and sprains etc
  • Machine– injuries can result in some serious injuries like ruptures, brain injuries, vestibular injuries etc.

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